Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 Days Raw Information & Testimonials

Raw, Vegan, 3 Day Detox

When signing up for our raw food detox, you have a 3 or 5 Day option. Detoxes are held twice a month and your payment confirms your spot. To register please stop into Sip Organic Juice Bar at 6770 Old 28th Street, or call us 616-301-4554. All of the information regarding 3 or 5 days raw is below - happy reading!

I am happy to answer the many questions that I receive regarding detoxing and specifically how often we should detox. The consensus among health professionals, and research shows, that shorter, regularly scheduled detoxing is most beneficial for our bodies and minds in terms of disease prevention and overall health maintenance (energy levels, weight control, stabilizing moods). My body and mind feel best when I take 3-5 days a month to rest and recover. I have many customers at Sip {organic juice bar} who find that participating in 3 Days Raw on a monthly basis, keeps them on the best health track. Listening to our bodies is key. Taking time to cleanse and detox is a great refresher, a great reminder of how fantastic we feel when we tweak our diets and make healthy choices. 
Join me and create space for the healthy changes that you have been wanting to make in your life!
~one body, one life~

Fasting, detoxing or cleansing are terms used to describe a brief time period where we give our digestive system a break and allow toxins and metabolic waste to be eliminated from the body.  During this time we allow our bodies time to heal and recharge.  Detoxing also allows you to make the connections between what our body needs and what it wants due to food addictions and cravings. This awareness is the key to making healthy changes in your diet. This is a raw food detox. Raw foods are rich in the digestive enzymes that we destroy when we cook our foods above 115 degrees.  In this 3 day detox you will receive
organic, vegan, gluten free nutrient dense raw foods for maximum healing and cleansing.  Each day you will pick up a days worth of food completely prepared and ready for you to enjoy.  Three days prior to the start of the detox, you will receive an email with a brief set of suggestions and instructions that will help maximize your detox results. 
Getting yourself psyched for this super positive experience is the key to a successful detox.  Yes, you may have some side effects that sound a bit unpleasant - headaches, a few extra trips to the lavatory, moodiness, restlessness, insomnia, foggy brain. These are normal, common and depending on how many toxins you ingest daily, they may range from mild to severe.  The more exciting side effects are increased energy, restful sleep, calm nerves and weight loss.  All side effects are signs that the detox is in fact working and that your body is being cleansed and recharged!  
If you have any concerns or medical conditions, I highly recommend getting your doctor's approval before beginning this, or any, detox.  This detox is not intended to treat or cure any medical condition.  
The cost of this 3 day super recharge detox is $110/per person (+ tax) and the 5 Days Raw is $183.00 (+ tax). Pick-ups are between 7:30 -10:30 AM at Sip Organic Juice Bar, 6770 Old 28th Street, Grand Rapids, 49546. Everything is prepared for you! You will also receive a predetox email the Friday prior to your detox with information and helpful tips for your detox. I also send a post detox email at the end of the detox with follow up tips and suggestions for you. Please e-mail me at with any questions. 
Each day you will receive a 20 oz green smoothie for breakfast, a 16 oz nutrient dense lunch smoothie, and a 10 oz raw soup with crackers or bread for dinner. Plus one Jenergy Bar® as your emergency snack for the 3 days.  
Typical Day One Menu:
Green Smoothie - kale, spinach, apple, banana, parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon
Super Smoothie - coconut water, coconut meat, banana, dates, maca, cacao, hemp protein powder, almond butter
Soup -Thai Coconut Curry with bell pepper flax crackers

*Our cancellation policy is easy - give us 48 hours notice and we will refund your money 100%. If it is not within that time, we will gladly give you an in-Sip credit!

Below are some of the post-detox e-mails I have received. I love all of the insight and change that comes from this short and effective cleanse. Results that I hear most often:  Softer, clearer skin, slept like a baby, headaches (commonly from caffeine dependency), lost 4 lbs after the first day (releasing toxins and water weight), less puffy/bloated, great energy, stomach upset (not uncommon, but not necessarily typical), compliments on skin/makeup and "something looks different about you", "I love how this simplifies the eating process".   

Hi Jen,
I wanted to give you a little feedback on my detox.  In total I lost 10 lbs. in the 3 days; more importantly I was able to gain a different perspective on food.  I have had life-long struggles with food and am what I consider a borderline food addict.  What your detox allowed me to see is that I have a lot more control over the foods that I eat than I realized.  It has also shown me how much less I can get by on in terms of quantity, caffeine, and sugars.
Thank you very much for the experience and I will be recommending your cleanse to as many people as I can.

Hi Jennifer!
Well, I'm feeling great, and honestly, I feel like I took 5 yrs. off my life in the last 3 days! My skin looks better, my eyes aren't as puffy, and my right eyelid which likes to droop a bit has found its elasticity again! I just turned 47 last Wednesday and I know that I have been experiencing some perimenapausal symptoms, one of which is not being able to sleep well at night. The last couple of nights I have slept really well. So it's all been a very positive experience for me...thank you!

Hi There,
(Husband) and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. He lost 10lbs and we are both excited about incorporating more raw foods (and less cooked/processed foods) into our everyday diet. Outside of the great cleansed feeling we both have, the biggest take away for us was definitely “detoxing together.” It was a incredible sense of bonding. We checked in on each other throughout the day. Calling or texting to see how our cravings were going and to discuss the flavor of the mid-day smoothie. I didn’t expect to feel so connected to my husband during this process. It was a fun and healthy activity, and we’re excited to do it again in the future.

Hi Jen,
I have really enjoyed the detox, I feel great.  How often do you recommend doing this?
I especially enjoyed the soups - any chance you would sell them to me in the future?  I don't cook very often, so it would be nice to have a fresh meal like this.  Also, would you have a resource for smoothie recipes?  
Thanks again, and please keep me on your distribution list!

Thank you for the experience of detox. I feel better now. I think I may have worked out too much during the 3 days because I was extremely tired in the late afternoon and evening.  I enjoyed all the soups and most of the smoothies.  Overall, it was great and I lost 4 lbs.  Yea!  
I would love to take your smoothie class.  When is the next one?  A friend of mine would like to come too.  
I loved your flaxseed cracker, do you make them?  If you share recipes, I would love that one.

Hi Jennifer,
The first day for me was a piece of cake (not literally of course) day two was tougher especially in the afternoon.  I had a slight “buzzy” headache and I felt hungry and kind of fuzzy headed.  I also felt a bit achy, especially my lower back.  Those symptoms continued through most of day three but were less dramatic as the day went on.  I slept well all 3 days so no issues there.  Today I have to admit I was excited to brew my morning coffee.  I always drink one mug on my way to work and that’s it for the day.  It was odd tough, it left a strange taste in my mouth and half way though it I really didn’t know if I wanted to drink the rest.  It’s 11:30 now and all I have eaten is one boiled egg and I’m not hungry.  As I was driving to work today I was thinking that this experience has rekindled my awareness of everything I put in my mouth.  I have let myself wander slightly in recent weeks from the things I know are healthy and good for me to too many of the things I know are not so good.  So, I have a renewed energy for only feeding my body things that I can consciously say are good for me and that feels great.
Thanks a million for offering this experience!

Thanks Jennifer!  The 3 day detox was everything I hoped it would be PLUS some!
The flavors of the smoothies were so pleasing and satisfying that it made the detox very enjoyable!  I haven't had a cup of coffee since (and don't even wish for one as of yet) and I branched out and have added some new herbal teas to my selections!  My challenge has been to cut back on my coffee intake and to become better hydrated!  The last 2 x's I went to donate blood, they couldn't get enough blood out of me due to dehydration.  I looked back at my habits and discovered that I was definately not drinking enough water.....I was coming home from a run and grabbing a cup of hot I'm drinking my decaf tea and it's just as enjoyable!  The 3 day detox gave me time to reflect on getting rid of some bad habits and to focus on creating some new good ones. 

Hey Jen,
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your detox program.  I enjoyed the smoothies each favorite was the last day.  The grape/fig smoothie was awsome!!  Matter of fact I'm craving one of those now.  Next time you make a batch of those, let me know, I'll come by and pick one up...will pay you of course!!!   Overall it was a great experience for me.  I didn't really do it to loose weight, for me it was more of a mental challenge.  I stuck to it everyday, only had a few raw almonds here and there.  I felt great during the three day detox, and have really been trying to be more conscious of what I put in my mouth, although I eat pretty healthy in general.  I will definetly do this again.  Thanks again for this great experience.  I know you truly enjoy what you do, and I appreciate you sharing your talents and knowledge. 
Thanks body, one life!  I like that!!

Thank you for the experience of detoxing. My first ever! After 3 days, I realized that I am a slave to food.  I ate all the time.
I now  see how little food I need. I didn't know how caffeine and sugar dependent I was until this detox.  I did have a withdrawal on the second day and had to sip green tea.  It was a rough day.
The detox itself:  the first day was easy, I was ready. The smoothies tasted great (especially lunch).  The 2nd day I didn't feel so well as I mentioned.  The 3rd day I felt much better, a little hungrier than day 1 and 2 but manageable.  My stomach actually growled, which doesn't happen to me very often. I am an avid exerciser and was able to stick with my exercising routine.  
This was hard.  I am very proud of myself for  completing such a difficult challenge.  I have will power after all. I am down 4 lbs, feel great and ready to start taking control of my diet and eating healthier. 
Thank you again, it was well worth it.  

Hi Jennifer!
Thank you so much for offering this!!  I’m so happy Sip is here and close by to my work.  J
My experiences were that I was amazed at how much my thought process revolves around food – what am I going to eat next, when am I going to eat next, how come I’m not hungry, why am I more hungry?  Doing this three day detox left me a lot of time to think and really wonder why I think about food so much of the day.  With everything being prepared for me, it leaves so much time in my day.
Physically, most of the time I felt really energized.  I did sleep a lot more.  Part of that was being  worried that if I didn’t go to bed early I would be tempted to eat.  I was very hesitant to work out – I run and do workout DVDs and I didn’t want to do those because I was worried about being hungry the next day.  Instead I did a lot of yoga at home.  Wednesday afternoon into night was the worst time for me out of the whole three days.  I felt very fuzzy headed and was so hungry.  I had a massage scheduled Wednesday night and after that I felt sick, so I went to bed early again and this morning I feel fantastic! 
I think I want to do this again in April to play around more with working out during the detox and now that I know what to expect I will be more mentally prepared.
Thanks so much!